professional showbiz hyphenate since 1993

character actor-puppeteer-singer-voiceover artist-so much more

what's new? what's happening? what's next for me?

don't see anything here?

hang in there, kids, and check back again soon… 

                                                                                               …this business of show is fickle.

also, there is no such thing as money for nothing and chicks that are free.

HELPSTERS is currently streaming on Apple TV+!

here's what I'm allowed to tell you:

* I play Cody (the yellow one)

and that's about it for now


Shooting of season 51 of SESAME STREET has been postponed

Shooting of Season 1 of the recently-announced DONKEY HODIE (from Spiffy Pictures and Fred Rogers Productions) is also postponed.

Content and scripts for these and other productions is still being created in the interim. Please do not ask me about it.